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I'm a filmmaker, photographer, writer, and speaker with award-winning expertise in the production of world-class projects that span the globe. My career includes over 20 years' producing and directing TV for BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery etc, writing and photographing for Random House Books, and speaking at the Royal Geographical Society. Based in UK. Please contact me for commissions, collaborations, and conversations!

TV work:

Countryfile (BBC1, 2018). Director. Working with presenters Matt Baker, Anita Rani, John Craven, Tom Heap, Ellie Harrison, and Steve Brown.

One Strange Rock (Nutopia/Nat Geo, 2017). Director. Award-winning series about life on our planet. Location and studio filming of presenters, scientists, and natural history stories.

Blue Planet II (BBC NHU, 2017). Field Director for an ocean plastics conservation story.

Our Planet (Silverback Films/Netflix/WWF). Field Director, 'Jungles'. Location filming in the Amazon Rainforest.

River Monsters (Icon Films/Animal Planet, delivery '17). Director, 'Nepal'. Fisherman and biologist Jeremy Wade ventures to remote locations worldwide to solve dramatic monster mysteries.

Africa River Wild: Zambezi (Aquavision/Animal Planet, delivery '16). Producer & Director. Exploring the amazing wildlife and landscapes of the mighty Zambezi river.

Japan: Earth's Enchanted Islands (3x60 BBC2, Tx ‘15). Producer & Director Ep1 ‘Honshu’. This mini-landmark series explores the natural history, landscapes, and people of Japan.

Hidden Kingdoms (3x60 BBC1 Tx ‘14). Producer & Director ‘Urban Jungles’. Filming wildlife on the streets of Rio and Tokyo, this ground breaking drama/natural history series was billed as ‘Pixar meets Planet Earth’.

Secrets of Our Living Planet (4x60 BBC2 Tx ‘12) Producer & Director ‘Waterworlds’ and ‘The Magical Forest’. In this award winning series Chris Packham reveals the extraordinary wildlife connections that enable ecosystems to flourish. The series includes sync and nat hist filming in Bangladesh, Brazil, and the Maldives.

Richard Hammond’s Invisible Worlds (3x60 BBC1 Tx ‘10) Producer & Director Ep1 ‘Speed Limits’. Using state of the art ultra high speed cameras to reveal the extraordinary phenomena that we miss in the blink of an eye. Featuring sprite lightning formations up in the mesosphere, and the speediest spores on the planet, this programme achieved the highest audience timeslot share for the night.

Wild China (6x60 BBC2 Tx ‘08) Producer & Director ‘Tibet’ and ‘Land of the Panda’. This triple Emmy award-winning series about wildlife, people, and landscape achieved the channel’s highest ‘audience appreciation’ score of 91%. Highlights included the first ever filming of wild panda courtship and mating, and the Saga Dawa festival at Mount Kailash in remote Western Tibet.

Surviving Great Whites (1x60 Discovery Channel Tx ‘05) Producer & Director. This docu-drama about the science of shark attacks achieved one of the highest 9pm audiences for the year.

Nile (3x50 BBC2 Tx ‘04) Producer & Director Ep1 ‘Crocodiles and Kings’. Travelling the full length of the Nile, this award-winning series featured wildlife and historic drama reconstruction & CGI sequences.

Animals: The Inside Story (3x50 BBC2 Tx ‘02) Producer & Director Ep1 ‘Fight for Life’. This programme featured extensive use of CGI to reveal the inner workings of animals, such as the inside of a blue whale’s mouth as it catches krill.

Venom ER (1x50 Animal Planet Tx ‘02) Producer & Director. This documentary followed the lives of medics and scientists working in and around the venom ward of an LA hospital. A ten part series was subsequently commissioned.

Predators (6x30 BBC1 Tx ‘00) Producer ‘Special Agents’. Innovative use of cameras, graphics, and editing was employed to deconstruct the critical moments between predator and prey. RTS award winner for best graphics.

Watch Out (1x30 BBC2 Tx ‘97) Producer & Director. Fast-paced magazine show about British wildlife featuring Simon King, Chris Packham, and Nick Baker.

Wildlife Specials ‘Crocodile’ (1x50 BBC1 Tx ‘97) Assistant Producer. Featured ground-breaking use of infra-red cameras to capture the previously unseen lives of crocodiles.

BBC Online Producer. I collaborated with the RSPB Lochgarten Osprey nest site to create the first webcam for BBC Online, conceived presenter blog sites, and created value added content for TV and radio programmes.

Additional information:

As well as live-action programmes I have extensive experience of graphics and visual effects: I have worked with The Mill, 422, BDH and others to produce award-winning graphics-intensive programmes such as 'Nile' (re-creating Ancient Egypt), 'Venom!' (1x60 BBC1 Tx ‘01 - RTS award winner for best graphics), and 'Eyewitness' (Dorling Kindersley/BBC ‘96 - Emmy award nominated series for graphic design).

I have co-authored two Random House books - ‘Nile’ and ‘Wild China’, and regularly write for BBC Wildlife Magazine and BBC Online.

I have lectured about China to a 950 capacity audience at The Royal Geographical Society, as well as the School of Oriental and African Studies (UCL), and other establishments in the UK, Poland, and Hong Kong.